• Moscato d’Asti DOCG 2017
    Moscato d’Asti DOCG 2017
    Tasting notes The Moscato wine has always gone very well with desserts; it’s a great combination with all pastries, biscuits and dried pasta; it is also the perfect match with some neutral and light cheeses. The Moscato wine is also ideal for flavoring ice cream and sorbets, and for preparing fruit salads, tasty cocktails and ...
  • “Ultimo Grappolo” White wine made from dried grapes
    “Ultimo Grappolo” White wine made from dried grapes
    Taste notes The Passito di Moscato (Raisin wine) can be paired in many ways, with anything from cheese to pastries. Thanks to its liqueur consistency, “Ultimo Grappolo” can also be served as a sweet liqueur drink with low alcohol content. It is excellent for matching with desserts of all kinds and biscuits; goes well with ...
  • Barbera d’Asti DOCG 2016
    Barbera d’Asti DOCG 2016
    Taste notes Barbera d ‘Asti goes extremely well with all the typical dishes of the Piedmont tradition, in particular with second course meat and game dishes. Thanks to its acidity and structure, it can go very well with fresh and strong cheeses, but also with structured dishes that are particularly demanding . Barbera is the ...
  • Langhe Favorita DOC 2016
    Langhe Favorita DOC 2016
    Taste notes Thanks to its lightness the Favorita wine compliments all starters and pasta dishes that are not too heavy; its pairing with fish, pizza or white meat is fantastic. As a result of its freshness, combined with lightness and softness, this wine is also an excellent aperitif. Favorita is the ideal wine when in ...
  • Monferrato Dolcetto DOC 2016
    Monferrato Dolcetto DOC 2016
    Taste notes The dolcetto is a classic table wine, fabulous for accompanying lunch or dinner from the beginning of the meal to the end. It is ideal for combinations with first and second courses. Thanks to its lightness and pleasant characteristics, this wine goes extremely well as an ‘apericena’, which is a dinner aperitif, and ...
  • “Volto Nuovo” Rosé Wine 2016
    “Volto Nuovo” Rosé Wine 2016
    Taste notes “Volto Nuovo” can have the same pairing like a young white wine such as Favorita; it compliments fish, starters (in particular seafood salads), but also white meats and dishes that are not too structured. Thanks to its strong effervescence and great freshness, this rosé wine is well suited as an aperitif. “Volto Nuovo” ...
  • Grapes Juice
    Grapes Juice
    Tasting Notes The Grapes Juice is a particular product born around the’ year 2000, when many industrial companies , to solve the problem of inefficient , they began to bottle the fresh Must , just obtained from the pressing of the grapes . The aim was to find accommodation for the excess production of grapes , almost ...
  • Grappa of Moscato Aged
    Grappa of Moscato Aged
    Grappa Moscato is traditionally produced in the spring following the harvest. This is because the pomace of Moscato comes from the immediate pressing of fresh grapes, and arriving at the distillery still “virgin” must therefore still ferment. In contrast, however, the pomace of red grapes (Barbera, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto) is already fermented, for it comes from ...
  • Wooden box “Moscato”
    Wooden box “Moscato”
    A beautiful wooden box autographed with our brand, containing a good Magnum 1.50 L. of Moscato d ‘Asti DOCG, new vintage 2015. Very refined and elegant, lends itself very well as exhibitor for shops, wine shops or restaurants on shelves or showcases. Excellent gift for relatives or friends on the occasion of Christmas holidays, anniversaries ...
  • Wooden Box “Barbera”
    Wooden Box “Barbera”
    Beautiful wooden box autographed with our brand, available with sliding lid opens from the bottom to ‘high and containing a Magnum from 1.50 L. of good Barbera d ‘Asti DOCG of vintage 2013. Very refined and elegant, lends itself very well as exhibitor for shops, wine shops or restaurants on shelves or showcases. Excellent gift ...

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